I am Ana Kersnik Žvab, also known as Devayani, and I am a mom of two sons and a daughter. As an expert I have been writing for different portals, newspapers and magazines in Slovenia and abroad. I am also an author of nominated or awarded books, such as Prenatal Yoga, Yoga Mom and Baby, Heart Yoga, Yoga Baby, Baby Handling and Fertility Yoga Boost written in Slovene and soon available in the English and German languages. I am a professional trainer for different workouts, such as aerobics, pilates, yoga and others which I have been teaching for more than a decade. You can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or my YouTube channel. My blogs are available on my page yogalishesana.com.

Why read my blogs?

1) Unique blog
I am a young fashionista mom of three beautiful children and with yogalishes lifestyle. My friends would describe me as a gypsy soul and lover of life. If I describe myself in one sentence, I would say I am a pure yoga heart dancing through life. I combine my greatest love, the love of motherhood and yoga. With my family experiences and yoga knowledge, I want to share my stories, recipes and helpful tips to other moms. I want to pass the knowledge that came to me when I became a mom, fashion tips, natural cosmetics advice, nutritionistic news, spiritual themes, crazy and family trip ideas, about my modeling journey, and many more that can amuse you or help you.

2) Confirmed and scientifically reviewed articles
As already mentioned, I have already proved myself as a writer on various portals, websites, magazines and newspapers where I have posted as an expert. I have also already released five books and eBooks in multiple languages. As I love to write, I also want to share my love to writing in my Yogalishes Blog.

3) Professionally submitted blog
The blog is not only shaped from personal experiences but is proved from a professional point of view, as I share my knowledge and experiences as an internationally recognized yogini, as evidenced by international licenses and certificates. I was the winner of the European championship of yoga and I won the second place at the Yogiclimpics, Miss Yoga 2012 and other titles, awards and recognitions in the fields of yoga, aerobics, pilates, dance and others. As a creator of unique workouts, such as Devayanilates and Heart Yoga, I am having my own TV show entitled TV Devayani, also seen on my page www.yogalishesana.com.

4) Useful advice
The Yogalishes Blog includes topics divided into sections: Yogalishes Chick, Yogalishes Mom-to-be, Yogalishes Mom, Yogalishes Baby, Yogalishes Kid and Mummy Yummy Life. In the first section, readers can read more about fashion trends, cosmetics, useful fashion tips, and enrich the reading with idyllic travels around the world. In the second section are the blogs Yogalishes Mom, Yogalishes Mom-to-be where I write about themes intended for moms, moms-to-be, babies and kids. The section Mummy Yummy Life is a cooking blog with tasty and healthy recipes for the whole family and cooking advice from our family kitchen. I love cooking and trying new dishes in the kitchen. The blog and invitation to the Master Chef show also gave me the courage to start with my cooking vlogs which will be available on my YouTube channel.

5) Blog – written with heart
The blog is written with the heart and its purpose is to spread positive energy and share information that can improve the quality of life for every woman, mother, wife and family.

6) Special gifts for followers
The blog supports followers and readers. You can keep track of Instagram and Facebook announcements on a monthly basis, but despite this, I’ve prepared a free gift for you, an eBook located on the website. I am thankful to everyone being a part of my story and I hope that my blog can help you, entertain you or enrich your life. Thank to all of you, more than 200,000 followers on my social media and readers of my vlogs for the encouraging words and support for more than a decade.