February 8, 2019 Yoga Baby – Babies are Natural Yoginis

Yoga Baby – Babies are Natural Yoginis

The yoga practice is also recommended for new moms who want to be active with their babies in an active and safe way. Yoga positions are natural for babies.

As I pointed out at the beginning, it is extremely important that every mom does the exercise carefully and thoughtfully. I highly recommend exercises under the supervision of trained and licensed instructors of yoga keeping an eye on a baby, on baby’s health. Before taking exercises, you have to check your babyˈs condition with your paediatrician.

Comfort and well-being is the main at welfare of the yoga practice of the mom and baby.

How Does Yoga Help Baby?

Baby yoga is a unique concept developed by different knowledges and it is a mixture of infant development, movement techniques, baby handling and yoga asanas – yoga postures. In the workshops of Yoga Baby you will get in touch with different asanas, massage techniques and also with correct and safety baby handling techniques.

Benefits of yoga for babies: an improved digestion, a relief from colic, a better immune system, a better and deeper sleep and a happier baby.

How Often is Yoga Performed?

It is very good to massage your baby every time you change diapers. If possible, it is recommended to practice yoga every day. Otherwise, the optimum is at least twice to three times a week for the body to be cleaned, exercised and relaxed.

Which Group of Babies is Yoga Suitable for?

Yoga is an exercise recommended for babies from birth till the third month of the baby. Exercises are adapted to the baby’s health status and needs. Then it is necessary that a baby with different health problems carries out exercises more carefully and avoid excessive exertion. The same applies to a woman, feeling dizzy and bad after her delivery, to have a rest the first three months and attend a training session at the third month with the Yoga Mom & Baby practice.

Yoga Practice

Practising yoga is usually done in order, i.e. starting with chanting respectively or singing mantras to baby. After that it is time for massage of the baby’s body. Then a set of asanas working best for your baby is chosen. After performing asanas, relaxation is needed for the baby.

Asanas should be regularly performed. The health of baby’s condition should be watched out. Consistency and adherence should be required.

During exercise prana stimulates, i.e. the life energy circulates throughout the body and makes the body relaxed in the position of the Corpse or Savasana or in this case baby just falls into a comfortable sleeping position.

For the first amazing moments with your baby.