March 12, 2019 Yoga and Infertility – Improve fertility

Yoga and Infertility – Improve fertility

Oh, how amazing it is for my book to be a hit this year! My previous books have already been nominated for awards, awarded, and I have got a great response from both – the media and the readers. I am delighted that this time is the same, and I am grateful for everything that is happening to me.

What I am talking about? About the publication of the ebook Fertility Yoga Boost, which had been the result of many years of research and also confirmed by various experts. You can get it in my online shop. Ebook Improve Fertility – The Power of Yogic Asanas is already available in the Slovene, German and English languages!

The work has not only been presented in all the mainstream media in Slovenia but it has begun to increase interest abroad as well.

My blog is intended to give you a little more information how yoga can boost your fertility.


Boost Your Fertility – Power of Yoga Asanas is a unique yoga guide for women who want to become pregnant. The book Yoga Fertility Boost is a first-class guide that, in addition to body positions or asanas, also contains breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, meditation information, and other ways to improve fertility. With the help of other experts, from a gynaecologist to midwives and other yogis, a manual has emerged, in which exercises, bodily positions, are ennobled with professional and color photographs, which ensure safe and precise execution, notes, easier options, and positive effects. The handbook describes the richness of the asanas – body positions so that women can practice yoga at home. On the basis of other experts, information about the woman’s contact with herself and her womb is also included. At the end of the book, there are also stories of participants in the yoga research that share your stories with you to help other women.

Who is it appropriate for?

Yoga is a workout suitable for all women. It is suitable for both beginners and pre-active yogis. However, you must inform your gynaecologist about the exercise, even if you are undergoing artificial insemination or after an abortion.

As I pointed out at the outset, it is extremely important that you work carefully. The exercise should be adapted according to the needs of your body and according to the state of your health. I also highly recommend training under the supervision of educated and licensed yoga instructors, who pay careful attention to you, to your health and to health and your needs. It is also important how active you have been before starting yoga practice. Comfort and well-being are the main things that you take care of yourself. With proper exercise, a healthy diet improves the chances of getting pregnant. You should not forget this, because excessive efforts can only cause negative effects, which do good for nothing. As I mentioned before, do not push yourself. Knowing that regardless of the end result, you contribute to your health and well-being which is definitely what you need. Take time for yourself and devote firstly to yourself before attempting to conceive.

When to begin and when to interrupt?

Attention is needed in all asanas – body positions, especially if you notice nausea, dizziness, unpleasant sensation, pains or general discomfort. Then stop and proceed later. In the case of bleeding, visit a gynaecologist. If you practice exercises slowly and take care of a pleasant feeling, yoga helps you with pregnancy problems.

Positive effects of yoga

With yoga, the body comes in shape, digestion and blood circulation are accelerated throughout the body, which ensures that your figure is kept and the excessive body fat is removed faster. Here, I mean excessive fat, which starts to load around the abdomen, hips and arms, which is a problem for most women.

Body positions or asanas help the muscles, the joints and the spine to become stronger and more flexible which contributes to a better posture, resulting in the minor back pain. With certain exercises, coordination and balance are also improved, whereby the body becomes more coherent and flexible. In addition, stretching in the yoga helps improve blood circulation, respiratory exercises become more accurate and deeper in breathing. The immune system is strengthened, which accelerates cell renewal and is good for the entire body. By practicing yoga, we establish a balance in the physical and psychological field, which provides better opportunities for conception and a more vital body.

By practicing yoga we maintain a good body posture, prevent incontinence, and improve balance and coordination. Attention is focused on abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles which are essential, as they are also important in the conception. The posterior respiration system strengthens the deep abdominal muscles which consequently relieve the lower back muscles and preventively work against the injuries and pains in the cross-section of the back.

About eBook Fertility Yoga Boost

Many couples have pregnancy problems. Unfortunately, despite all attempts, some do not succeed. The yogic manual is not intended to stir up false hopes, but it is created for couples who want to have a baby and are ready to test yoga techniques that improve fertility. The manual is created with the help of medical experts and is confirmed by yogis from all around the world who have been successfully testing program for years.

Fertility Yoga Boost is the first yogic manual that helps couples to succeed in reaching their wishes and is based on research and real experiences the writer has met with in her years of teaching.

In this book, other experts have also been involved, who have completed their knowledge in the field of infertility, depression, energy purification and other important topics that open up new ways for couples who want to become pregnant.

The work includes professional color photographs, a detailed description of asanas or body positions, respiratory techniques, relaxation techniques and exercise to accelerate the flow of energy throughout the body. The material is adapted for women who want to become pregnant and for the partners they support. The book also contains affirmations to help you on your yoga journey on the path to conceiving a child.

Do not wait! Get your own copy of an eBook which you effectively improve fertility with. The work is also supported by medical experts and tested in a previous study. Also, the program does not promise false ups, but improves your fertility.

»In the year 2013 me and my partner had been trying to get pregnant. I still remember the first months when we had waited with hope to conceive. The months had passed by and then the whole year. After one year my gynaecologist sent me to Clinic fir Conceiving. Me and my partner went to the first exam, to check out what was all about. We found out that his sperm was too slow. They advised us to start with artificial insemination.In the year 2015 we started artificial insemination. I was sure we would make it, because everything was fine with me. But unfortunately, I was wrong. After three times, we could not succeed to get pregnant.In the summer of the year 2016 I started to practice yoga with Anne. After all the abortions I wanted to give up. Than I started with yoga and with the programme Anna gave me. I had hope once again. So with new energy and hope, Anna and I I started to work on myself once again.In the autumn 2016 my partner and I tried again. Also this time the artificial insemination was not successful.After that Anna gave me new exercises and I started as soon I got them. The new program gave me hope once again. I felt more relaxed and more confident with her guidance and also I had the determination to get pregnant.In February 2017 we tried once again with artificial insemination. But this time the embryo did not survive the defrosting. But I still did not lose faith. I got new instructions and in spring 2017 we tried again and this time we found out we were pregnant.I was enjoying every minute of being pregnant. I got myself a guide of Anna – Prenatal Yoga Manual. Now I have an amazing baby girl. I think that Annaˈ s knowledge can help a lot of people who are in the same situation. Just do not lose hope. Anna, thank you from all my heart.«
Mom Mataya