Fit Yoga Mom


Author: Ana Kersnik Žvab

Format: e-book

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  • You want a figure like you had before pregnancy?
  • You want to lose baby fat?
  • You want a shaped body?
  • You do not want to pay for a guided exercise and would like to workout with the program at home?
  • Do you have no baby sitter and would the program help you get the desired results from home?
  • You want a program that has already worked for more than 10,000 happy moms?
  • You do not know how to get results, and no exercise gives you results you want?
  • Do you want to protect yourself from post-natal depression and be healthy, fit and happy mom?

Do not wait! Get your own copy of an e-book Fit Yoga Mom that insures you the body that you had before pregnancy.

“The author of the yoga handbook shows exercises adjusted to mothers and enriched with professional coloured photographs ensuring safe and accurate exercises. She offers the opportunity to do your yoga exercises at home. However, I would recommend pregnant women, particularly beginners to trust an experienced teacher and deepen their knowledge at home using the yoga handbook. Each position is shown visually with a picture and a broad interpretation about positive effects and a warning in cases the exercise is inadequate. In any case, I recommend before starting yoga, you should consult your gynaecologist and your GP. This handbook, friendly and transparent, was written with the soul. It is also Ana’s personal presentation as a yoga instructor. Her knowledge of yoga and yogic philosophy is complete and extensive, enriched by a lot of herself. Yoga heals us, nourishes and challenges at the same time, moreover, gives us inner peace and enriches life with love and harmony.”

Živa Varl, midwife

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Slovene, English, Croatian, German