Fit Yoga Mom-to-be


Author: Ana Kersnik Žvab

Format: e-book

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  • Do you want to have active and safe pregnancy?
  • You do not want to gain too much weight during pregnancy?
  • You realize that underweight or overweight affects your baby’s development and also your personal health?
  • You do not want to pay for a guided exercise and would like to work out with the program at home?
  • You want to be happy and relaxed during pregnancy?
  • You want a program that is effective and safe also for pregnant woman?
  • You do not know which exercise to choose, because you realize that during pregnancy you have to pay attention to the well-being and health of a developing child?
  • You want to be prepared for the Labour of your child?

Do not wait! Get your own copy of an e-book for a fit and safe pregnancy.

“It is often heard that pregnancy is a wonderful and unique experience. But at the same time, it can be very stressful, particularly when giving birth to the first child as it seems to be a taboo subject thus and not talked about it much. Woman’s concerns who is already in the modern world deprived of time for herself and she should be here with her baby in these beautiful months always prevailed: her body undergone a complete transformation that her hormones again and again that her self-esteem at the issue to be a good mother and the responsibility brought will be reduced and a big ball in her tummy cannot be postponed or get a little rest. Choosing the best pram and eating the appropriate meal to ease reflux become the daily topics of pregnant women. Even before the pregnancy the practice of yoga is highly recommended, reconciliation with yourself and the body and spirit future mother and learns to relax when it is necessary to reach physical and mental relaxation. Qualities already learned during pregnancy are later used in childbirth and parenting. After all, pregnancy is a wonderful and unique experience passing through happily and calmly.”

Vesna Cajnkar, a yoga and a Pilates teacher and an instructor pre & post-natal exercise

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