March 25, 2019 20190325 blog image

Remodelling of a children’s room

We are expecting the third child, and our family will grow. This time we expect a girl, who we are all looking forward to. At the family lunch, great grandmother realised that she had four great grandsons, and for the first time she will have a great granddaughter. So far everything has been arranged in the style of blue, white and gray, but now it will all be more pink. My husband does not exactly agree with this, but has already spent a little on pink. We will also renovate the apartment in order to gain a little more space.

The boys have now such a special Superman room, in which everything is blue. the only thing I managed to achieve is the elegant diamond lamp that adorns the ceiling. We have renovated the room several times, since arrival of each new member brings additional clothing, accessories, sports equipment, and requires the conversion of space.

What will we pay attention to this time when we rearrange the girl’s room:

✔ Boys keep their Superman room.
✔ The little princess will have a cot with a white baldachin and a pink ribbon.
✔ The desk will be so high that I will be able to overwhelm me, although my husband is very helpful and diligent when he is at home.
✔ One of the walls will be gently pink, others will remain white.
✔ We will paste silver butterflies on the wall.
✔ We will replace the ceiling with a pearl chandelier.
✔ Our bedding will be gently pink and white.
✔ On the wall we will add photos from pregnant photo-shoots and pictures of all three children as newborns.
✔ We will move the TV to a new room that will become a living room and a playroom.
✔ We need to buy one large standing light that can change the light power for night-time breastfeeding.
✔ The walls will be painted with a glittering color, which is a real trend in our country this year.

Oh, I can not wait to meet her. When everything is ready and done, you will get Mommy updates on the Yogalishes blog. I promise!