January 18, 2019 Recovery After Miscarriage

Recovery After Miscarriage

When practising yoga, a particularly careful care must be taken of the pregnant woman who is prone to an abortion, as the yoga exercise is slightly different from exercise recommended for a pregnant woman who has a healthy pregnancy without special medical problems. Do not wait for another abortion to be repeated and recover in a safe and effective way. You can find more about this particular topic in my articles also in the magazines Moj malček, Mama, Zarja and Liza and on the portals Ringaraja, Ženska.si and Bibaleze. But I warmly recommend that you can find all the necessary information in the book Prenatal Yoga.


For many women, a miscarriage is a turning point filled with specific emotional, spiritual and physical consequences. A fetal loss is in most cases due to weak muscles in the pelvis, hormonal imbalance, chromosomal abnormalities, and abnormalities in relation to the placenta in which the fetus develops. An additional care is needed when performing asanas and adapting exercise to your needs.

Prevention of Miscarriage

For those who want to prevent or reduce a miscarriage, all exercises prior to a pregnancy, where active muscles are in the pelvis, abdominal muscles, strengthen the pelvic floor, as one of the reasons for a miscarriage is weak muscles in the pelvic floor.

For a woman in a high risk of a miscarriage, the following guidelines are recommended to be taken into account and followed to ensure that your pregnancy is as safe as possible but at the same time active. A miscarriage is the most common in the first trimester, therefore an additional care is needed in the exercise of body positions. In the yoga practice, it is necessary that a pregnant woman, who is in a high risk of miscarriage, is more careful with standing asanas and practises more sitting ones.

Recommended Asanas to Prevent Miscarriage are:

Salamba Shirshasana
Salamba Sarvangasana
Jan Shirshasana

Recovery After Miscarriage

It is not easy. Every woman is marked and left with physical and psychological consequences. It is important to face this and help you overcome this pain and sadness that you experience when you lose it as easily as possible.

Yoga training is recommended after consultation with a gynaecologist or personal physician, in order to avoid major complications, and this yoga regenerates strength and helps regenerate and recover the entire body.

Recommended Asanas for Recovery After Miscarriage:

Jan Shirshasana
Baddha Konasana

More information is also available in the first and only yoga manual in Slovenia: Yoga Mom and Baby and Prenatal Yoga.

Make recovery after miscarriage safe as possible. No one can take away the pain and emptiness that occur, but yoga and guidance can be helpful.