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Preparing for baby shower

So far, the births of my sons Jaka and Tjaš have overtaken me, since both my boys were born 3 weeks before the time and we had a baby shower on arrival from the maternity hospital. But that did not stop us from an unforgettable celebration. For the baby shower, I bought bubbles and ordered a delicious cake and muffins, we took care of decorating space with strips, lamps and other decorations.

As you already know, I really like to organize different family and business events, so I also enjoyed the organization of baby shower parties. So far, we had two sons and for the first time everything was in heavenly blue, while the second time was in everything in turquoise. All snacks, food and decorations match the selected colors. And let me tell you how beautiful, quality and inexpensive I did this kind of fun for my baby. At all purchases I was attentive to the campaigns and bought most decorative items in Kik, Tedi and Wish. I was planning a lot in advance, and I also had a completed picture of what I wanted. But for fun, there must be no shortage of exceptional and beautiful cakes. I prepared a list of pastry shops for you, where I was extremely pleased with the tastes, service and decoration of the cake for special events.

Yogalishes mami selection of the most beautiful cakes:
  • Macarons cake
  • Glaze cake
  • Muffin cake

Make your baby shower unforgettable and valuable!