March 18, 2019 Postpartum depression – help with affirmations

Postpartum depression – help with affirmations

What is postpartum depression?

A depressive disorder is a mood disorder. The word depression derives from Latin, and originally means to reduce, meaning in this sense, mood swings.

Depression is not only the cause of poor quality of life, but it is also a common cause of serious conditions, so it needs to be recognized and properly treated as soon as possible.

What can you do yourself?

Many moms and pregnant women have met postnatal depression. Sometimes it’s just a matter of a couple of weeks hormonal fluctuations and adapting to changes, but sometimes it’s a serious form of depression, and in this case you should visit a psychologist, therapist or other expert recommended. Nothing is unusual, if a woman’s mood changes after a birth but if she has a postpartum depression, it is important to take action as soon as possible.

How to overcome black thoughts and improve your well-being is the purpose of this blog. That is, the power of thoughts is extremely effective if we can control our thoughts.

Why do you use affirmation cards?

That is precisely the question that arises for us, when we are no longer in contact with ourselves. Every thought brings us to our point of view which becomes ours, our attitudes are manifested through actions, and our actions form our character. It has been proven many times that the power of thoughts can heal or even change a life.

Affirmation cards Calm & Happy Mom offer you the very positive thoughts that help you to have a happy motherhood.

✔ After your labor or several months after your baby’s birth, do you have any idea how to get rid of too much fat and too many kilos left? These are all obstacles in your personal life – would you need support?
✔ You have heard that affirmations are excellent for calming and changing life, but do you want to have your own ones at home?
✔ You don’t want to pay more than 1000€ to various therapists or other experts, but do you want a positive and happy life?
✔ Affirmations cards have helped other moms who have not known how to deal with them just like you. The specific ones would be very helpful to you too.
✔ Are you still looking for ways to have time for yourself but at the same time be there for your child / children too, without having a bad conscience?
✔ Don’t you know how to feel YOU again, just like before giving birth?
✔ Don’t you feel sexier, more attractive and more confident anymore? Do you need a break from everything?

Let me help you with a decision that’s quite simple. I am also a mom myself, and I know how it is, when you get caught in a routine and you take care of your family and your partner but you forget about yourself. Other mothers are in the same position! Do not let the negative thoughts overshadow your mother’s joy. Simple affirmations you repeat every day can help you a lot.

And how do you get them? As simple as possible.

Click on the selected product in my store and go to the cashier. After the payment which you can make with PayPal or by credit card, you receive your affirmation cards download link in your e-mail. They are yours for ALWAYS. Then you just print and use them daily. Or you can have them on your computer for reviewing them over and over again. It can’t be simpler, can it? That’s why I decided that the cards are printable, so there’s no need to waiting for delivery or go to the store – you can make the purchase right away.

What else matters?

✔ Perform affirmations regularly.
✔ Trust the power of thoughts, helping more than 10,000 pregnant women and moms.
✔ It has been confirmed by experts all over the world that the affirmations really give extraordinary results.
✔ Get your self-esteem and well-being back and enjoy your pregnancy calmly and happily.
✔ Don’t let negative thoughts overwhelm you. You will prepare yourself well for the labor – be happy and calm, because you deserve it!

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