January 22, 2019 Magic Yoga Poses for Kids: World of Animals

Magic Yoga Poses for Kids: World of Animals

All yoga positions are created from nature. The majority of positions are named after animals. It is very fun how children learn animals with the help of yoga positions. Children enjoy it, get to know each other with their bodies and discover a new world inside and outside of them.

Yoga for children is popular all around the world, because all the parents are aware that it is important to start with early learning children to live a healthy and happy life. In doing so, yoga contributes to the calmness of the child, peace of mind; children have also better coordination, concentration and stability with yogic positions. Among others, breathing techniques are scientifically proven to be excellent for asthmatics, the children with bronchitis and other respiratory diseases; they can also have a beneficial effect on children with hyperactivity and autism.

For all the children, the magic of yoga is beneficial for learning, facing new challenges, creating and the body challenge.

You can find cards and games for yoga training for children soon in my store and start practising at home. Printed products will be available, allowing you to enjoy fun and active survival of the rainy days, as well as playing in the meadow on sunny days.