As a leader for the healthy lifestyle movement, Ana has been featured in almost all the magazines and newspapers, such as Slovenske novice, Polet, Zarja, Nova, Lea, Liza, and many more. In December 2015, Ana moved her career even further with her first book Prenatal Yoga (Joga za nosečnice), which was a great success. After that, she also wrote books Yoga Mom and Baby and Heart Yoga. The last book, Heart yoga, was also nominated for the best book of the year 2017. She started to write as an expert for internet portals, magazines, and newspapers, such as Moj malček, Bogastvo zdravja, Ringaraja, Bambino, Ž, Rina, and many more.

In all the years of her active presentations in Slovenia and abroad, she was invited to all of the most important TV and radio shows all over Slovenia. In the year 2016, she was the organiser of the International Festival Om and became recognized also in media, such as 24UR, GTV, Petelin TV, TV IDEA, TV Golica, and many more.

Her wish is to continue with her modelling career and as a TV host and to work in the entertainment industry even more.
Her motto is “We only live once, but if we do it right, once is enough.”

Additionally, Ana is also becoming a television personality and has hosted television programs and events such as Gostilna pr Francet. She was recently a guest on TV show V ringu with Denis Chorchyp where she provided her expert advice on how to be a mom and a businesswoman. On the TV show Klepet ob kavi, she presented her yoga path and for the RTV national program, she presented Senior yoga with her amazing yoginis. In year 2018 she also started with her own TV show: TV Devayani.

As a model and activist for a healthy lifestyle for more than 10 years, Ana is regularly invited to speak at national conferences, aerobics, and Pilates conventions and in other events.

Ana is also the president and creative director of Devayani Yoga & Dance Lifestyle Club.