January 24, 2019 How to Warm Up for Cross-Country Skiing with Yoga

How to Warm Up for Cross-Country Skiing with Yoga

Winter time is perfect for snow activities. Skiing, skating and, of course, cross-country skiing are certainly among the most popular sports activities. In the course of cross-country skiing, the whole body is activated. However, since the training is extremely active, it must be well warmed up before the activity and also stretched out by the activity. Most people forget about heating; activity after activity, in the long run, can affect muscles and, above all, joints.

Before each activity, it is necessary to warm the body, thus reducing the risk of various injuries, and at the same time, the exercise itself is more effective. Unfortunately, there are fewer individuals who take a few minutes to heat. Most likely, we feel that we are warm enough and ready because we are constantly in a fast pace and when we are on the track we only have to think about the pleasure of cross-country skiing. It is precisely at the same time that it is imperative that the body first warm up to stimulate our muscles and thus protect our joints. In this article, you can get to know different exercises how fast, but effective to warm your body from cross-country skiing.

To begin with, the first focus is activating your body by changing your short and intense activity before you start muscle stretching, warming up with running, bumps or similar exercises to accelerate your heartbeat and raise your body temperature. For about a minute, it will be enough to activate your body.

Exercises for Activating the Upper Part of the Body

Hands activate the best by holding the stick in the middle with both hands in the horizontal position, then lift it into the air with arms extended and lower all the way to the chest. Repeat ten times.

In heating, we must not forget to warm the wrists, which are warmed up by circular movements and, of course, the shoulder ring. Activating the shoulder ring is important to activate and warm the shoulders. There is a great exercise rotation in the preclog and on the side. With a flat upper part of the body, make a precondition so that the hull is in a position perpendicular to the legs. Then, rotate alternately, lift your hands to the air, thus warming the upper back muscles. To activate the side muscles of the carcase, make sure to turn left and right to the left.

Exercises for Activating the Lower Part of the Body

Take extra care of your hips. Stand on one leg for the extension of the hip flexors and support the stick with both hands. In order to warm the hips as much as possible, swing the other leg forward and backward as much as possible, while being stretched. Make more swings with one foot, then with another, while paying attention to your center and keeping a strong hull. Repeat it all by moving your legs to the side to open your hip. For the expansion of the hip flexor, there is a downhill step by making the knee of the front leg aligned with the toes on the leg, and the knee of the hind leg is laid on the ground. Stay in position for one minute. Repeat on the other side. You warm your buttocks and thighs, which are especially burdened by cross-country skiing.

I wish you as much enjoyment as possible during winter activities on the snow.