January 8, 2019 Heart Yoga – For Healthy and Strong Heart

Heart Yoga – For Healthy and Strong Heart

Heart yoga is yoga based on the strengthening of the heart and the removal of energy blockages in the heart area. For the vital heart, it is necessary to perform various yogic approaches to improve the feeling, strengthen the immune system, and above all strengthen the heart. Yogic positions, mantras, mandalas, mudras, respiratory techniques, relaxation techniques and other adhesions, defined and exposed in the manual, are carefully selected specifically for heart strengthening.

Yoga – Healing Millennial Knowledge

Yoga is a state of affairs when both, the mind and the spirit, are united. It is one of the oldest sights of knowledge. It considers man as a whole – the body, the mind and the spirit. This comprehensive approach ensures the health of an individual at all levels: in the physical, emotional and psychological. Yoga is not only poses – asanas, but meditation, singing, properly controlled breathing – respiratory techniques, relaxation techniques, treatment with mandala art and other techniques are also included among yogic techniques.

The main goal of yoga is to travel inward and get to know to your body better, thereby encouraging self-awareness and self-exploration. Yoga is an inner posture that emphasises self-awareness. Better knowledge of your body and recognition or different feelings within yourselves also helps in everyday life.

The Concept of Heart Yoga

The concept of Heart Yoga was conceived as a combination of yogic knowledge and medicine to achieve better health and strengthen the heart. The supplemented concept is based on a complex approach in which various yoga techniques are grouped and defined and all the attention is focused on the health of the heart.

The Purpose of Heart Yoga

As stated in the Slovenian Medical Dictionary, “the heart (…) is a hollow muscular organ in the thoracic cavity that drives blood through the veins.” But the heart is more than just an organ, it is a supernatural miracle that keeps us alive. Cardiovascular diseases have been the cause of 38% of deaths in Slovenia in recent studies and also one of the main causes in the developed world. The purpose of Heart Yoga is to awaken people’s awareness of the heart and its health and to extend the view of the treatment of the heart itself. Above all, the focus is on prevention, how each individual can preventively take care of his heart. The work Heart Yoga does not focus on cardiac patients, because the cardiac patients need additional attention in the treatment and implementation of assay – based body positions. The work is dedicated primarily to healthy people who would like to strengthen their hearts preventively.

Positive Effects of Heart Yoga

It is also necessary to choose a proper exercise for a healthy heart. The main purpose of yoga is to combine the self (jiva) with pure conscience (brahman). The unification frees the spirit of all feelings of separation and illusion of time, space and causality. The connection of the mind and the spirit ensures better self-awareness of your body, better recognition of its borders, and thus a better recognition of the symptoms of various diseases.

Heart yoga is focused on anahata chakra, i.e. the energy center, and on the heart itself. A variety of ways and approaches are used for each individual to strengthen his heart and provide better health.

Burning as a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion is reduced by practicing yoga and protecting the individual to better overcome emotionally burdensome positions. With respiratory techniques, the body is well inflamed and filled with fresh air, the airways are cleaned. In doing so, combining breathing techniques with relaxation ones are possible; the body is well rested and the mind calms down what has a beneficial effect on the well-being and health of the individual.

The opening of energy centres or chakras is provided by mandalas and chanting in an interesting way, whereby energy is well connected throughout the body. The knowledge and methods of healing effects of sounds and colors were not used only in the past but they can also be used for curing the heart.

Heart yoga increases endurance, strength, flexibility of the entire body and vitality and improves the flow of energy through the body, reduces tension in the body, slows aging, accelerates regeneration, ensures inner peace and balance in the body, improves mental and physical condition, opens new dimensions of thinking and allows spaces for spiritual development, which affects the better overall well-being and health of an individual.