Club Devayani

Devayani Yoga & Dance Club was officially registered in December 2015 in Slovenia. The concept of the club was created more than ten years ago by the creator and director Ana Kersnik Žvab. Ana is an international yoga, Pilates and aerobics instructor, a model, and a dancer. Ana has been teaching classes and workshops all over the world under the Devayani Yoga & Dance Lifestyle for more than a decade. The main purpose of Club Devayani is to develop cultural activities and gather people together in the process. The club is to maintain the highest level of cultural events, performances and also to share unique and qualitative books with the Publishing House Devayani.

Club Devayani carries out projects designed for children, adults, and the elderly. Programs are completed and adapted for each group separately. Club Devayani is also a part of international festivals and projects, such as Metaldays, Yoga Jasna Experience, etc. The president of the club, Ana Kersnik Žvab, is a speaker on international conferences and conventions all over the world. Club Devayani is not only active in Slovenia, but also in the world. Workouts take place in various surf camps around the world, e.g. in Portugal and Spain. Workshops and courses are also performed elsewhere around the world, e.g. in Europe, America, and Asia.

The vision of Club Devayani

The vision of the club is to share professional work in Slovenia and abroad. The aim of the club is to transfer its own knowledge and experience in various forms of group exercises and personal training, consistently introducing novelties, completed training programs under the auspices of highly qualified instructors and taking into account the needs of the team members, each group being treated individually. All of this enables great achievements, increased visits to exercises and, last but not least, the satisfaction of the team.

“I want to inspire people. I want that my students get amazing results with yoga and with others workouts and training. I love to share my knowledge and experiences with others. Satisfied students, great results under my supervision, and healthier clients … This is the feeling that gives me new inspiration and the motivation to be even better every day. And I think that you have to do whatever you do with all your heart or nothing at all. So you can see that I put more than 100% in everything I do because I do it with all my heart, body, and soul. And this is why my work is so successful worldwide. Namaste.”
- President and creator of Devayani Yoga & Dance Lifestyle, Ana Kersnik Žvab