March 25, 2019 20190325 blog image

Remodelling of a children’s room

We are expecting the third child, and our family will grow. This time we expect a girl, who we are all looking forward to. At the family lunch, great grandmother realised that she had four great grandsons, and for the first time she will have a great granddaughter. So far everything has been arranged in […]

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January 31, 2019 10 Reasons to Be Part of Yoga for Kids

10 Reasons to Be Part of Yoga for Kids

Yoga for children is intended for children of all ages. Children are divided in groups by age and by ability to achieve the best possible results and enjoy their personal achievements in yoga practice. Depending on their age, yoga classes are also adapted. In the group for the youngest, children from at the ages from […]

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January 27, 2019 Children Need Yoga for Good Posture

Children Need Yoga for Good Posture

The yoga practice is also recommended for kids who want to be healthy and have great posture. Yoga positions are natural for kids at all ages. As I pointed out at the beginning, it is extremely important that every kid does the exercise carefully and thoughtfully. I highly recommend exercises under the supervision of trained […]

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