April 15, 2019 20190415_blog_image

Preparing for baby shower

So far, the births of my sons Jaka and Tjaš have overtaken me, since both my boys were born 3 weeks before the time and we had a baby shower on arrival from the maternity hospital. But that did not stop us from an unforgettable celebration. For the baby shower, I bought bubbles and ordered […]

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January 28, 2019 Baby Handling

Baby Handling

The First Connection is the Most Important Being a mom is something unbelievable and wonderful. On the other hand, this new role can bring so many changes in your social, personal, and even professional life. It is not just that your body goes through changes. It is also the fact that a little baby becomes […]

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January 21, 2019 Baby Massage

Baby Massage

Birth As soon as a baby is born, the baby is placed on the chest to connect with his mother as much as possible. They put the baby on the chest to drink the first breast milk, also called colostrum, which is more dense and dark yellow in very small quantities. The first mother’s milk […]

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