January 28, 2019 Baby Handling

Baby Handling

The First Connection is the Most Important

Being a mom is something unbelievable and wonderful. On the other hand, this new role can bring so many changes in your social, personal, and even professional life. It is not just that your body goes through changes. It is also the fact that a little baby becomes the center of your life and it needs the very whole of you. Every mom goes through physical and psychological changes and experiences all the emotions, all the hormonal fluctuations, problems with digestion, headaches, and other postnatal disorders.

As a mom and an internationally known yoga teacher, I decided to share my knowledge and experiences with other moms. My work has already been translated into multiple languages and available all over the world. I believe that if you do something you love and if you want to share the knowledge with others, people can feel it and appreciate the good cause. My work is dedicated to you, my amazing moms! I want you to know that you are not alone and that everything you are going through is normal.


The family expands with a new family member who has been expected for nine months and grown in your womb. The first moment, the first touch, the first contact of the mom and baby is one of the most beautiful ones. The first contact touches you. However, the first glance, and the hug on your chest is even more moving. You suddenly realize that everything is really happening and that a miracle of nature has happened. You’ve become a mom.

What is Baby Handling All About?

Baby handling is all about correct and safe lifting, laying down the baby, and other techniques for handling the baby. If I explain in a different, more pleasant way, it is a daily concern for the baby, how to properly and safely care for it right after birth and until the third or the fourth month, until it can keep his head upright.

The manual explains how to handle the baby movement, how to turn, lift, lay the baby, cover and change the diaper, feed and other information that every new mom needs. I also recommend the manual to mothers who have already had babies and would only like to restore the correct handling of the baby.