January 31, 2019 10 Reasons to Be Part of Yoga for Kids

10 Reasons to Be Part of Yoga for Kids

Yoga for children is intended for children of all ages. Children are divided in groups by age and by ability to achieve the best possible results and enjoy their personal achievements in yoga practice. Depending on their age, yoga classes are also adapted. In the group for the youngest, children from at the ages from one and a half to three years, children practice with their parents or guardians. In older groups, children practice themselves, as they relax, communicate more easily with their peers and win more.

Positive effects and benefits of yoga for children:

✔ Developed motor and coordination skills,
✔ Empowerment,
✔ The more correct course,
✔ The improved immune system,
✔ The increased capacity of the lungs, which enables deeper and easier breathing,
✔ The more coherent and flexible body,
✔ Improved control over the body,
✔ Strengthened muscles,
✔ Increased body regeneration and
✔ Encouraged creativity.

If a child adopts a healthy lifestyle early, love for movement and a healthy diet, he appreciates it for the rest of his life. Parents are here to help him along this path and ensure him a happy, healthy and warm way in life.